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This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") applies to all websites operated by ANF and its subsidiaries (the "ANF Website(s)").

AdultNetFlirt. ("ANF", "us", "we") understands that the privacy of its members, subscribers, guests and/or visitors (collectively, "Members", "you" or "your") is very important. We developed this Policy to ensure that your privacy is protected while using any of the ANF Websites.

1. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AND THE AGE OF MAJORITY AND LEGAL CONSENT IN THE JURISDICTION IN WHICH YOU LIVE OR RESIDE TO AGREE TO THESE TERMS. A Special Note About Children. Children under eighteen years of age are prohibited from using the ANF Websites or any ANF services. We ask that children not submit information to us.

2. Protecting Adult NetFlirt environment
When a register will also record one IP - address, the same applies at login and the creation of the ad as well as changing the ad and response. Each registered user must create a Web Flirt personal ad, this Adult NetFlirt contact ad can include pictures. Adult NetFlirt's moderated, but not continuously. Communication between members is based on self policing.

3.Be helpful
Report to Adult NetFlirt when you think the editors should take action.
Members who censored or excluded can not blame that others have committed similar violations. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. It's like a football game, the referee can not see everything, but decisions must still be accepted.
Noise in Adult NetFlirt around the rules and enforcing them is not acceptable.

4. Respect the general rules of etiquette
Many members of Adult Netflirt (especially women and couples) receive personal messages in large quantities from other users. Pay attention to the signals in the members' profiles before sending personal messages.
Adult NetFlirt may at any given point decide that you are not relevant as Adult Netflirt-friend!
Respect that there are many users with different reasons for their ad. Many are here to chat, discuss, talk and enjoy or find friends or a girlfriend.

5. Be disciplined when participating in Adult NetFlirt
Respect the intentions of the one who invites to a discussion of theAdult NetFlirt.
Track not debate with provocations or babble. Consider either to start a new discussion where you can set the premises themselves.
Do not let an ongoing discussion evolve to quarrel or friendly chat between a few participants. Use personal messages for such purposes.
Be constructive. Hang up not up in minutiae.

6. Show respect for other members' integrity and anonymity
Render not the private information you have received personal messages or private chat rooms.

7. Bring no further personal information about other members
Adult NetFlirt will be a forum for the benefit, enjoyment and horny communications.
Derogatory mention, cavil, ukonstruktiv, threatening or harassing behavior and attacks on individual members or groups of members is not acceptable. This applies to PM (personal messages) as well as posts in the Guestbook, Chat, or F-Post.

8. Do not abuse profiles
Support acknowledge that a member has multiple profiles (to express themselves and receive feedback on several of their grade levels, for example, one serious and one "dirty" profile), but not when the profiles differ in age, place of residence, gender, or other significant conditions. Such profiles are assumed to be created to lure other users or Adult NetFlirt's moderators.
It is not acceptable that a member uses multiple profiles for example. to give their attitudes more weight, to discuss with himself in the Forum or reports to support.
Members who do not respect this, the rougher cases will be reported to their ISP.

9. Be careful about the images you use
When it comes to pictures, the copyright rules. You have rights to the pictures you have taken yourself and the photos you have copyright holder permission to use.
Support agree that on the Internet is incorporated an imagery practice of photos and illustrations of the more unassuming type flows quite freely, but still encourages members to exercise caution when using such images.
Members who post photos in profiles, personal messages and theAdult NetFlirt are responsible for the images they publish. The accepted course that members use pictures from other people's profiles.

Preferably use your own pictures in your profile. Although support has placed a barrier to copying images, there is no guarantee that others still manage to copy the images. Adult NetFlirt is not responsible for misuse and theft of images that members publish. This includes photos from the galleries of the Adult NetFlirt.

Photos in a photo gallery is a free to post as long as there are images not taken from the internet:
Image that is in violation of copyright provisions may result in reporting to the member's ISP and financial responsibility.

10. Respect Adult NetFlirt's requirements for image aesthetics
Supreme Court's "suspension of porn censorship" does not mean that it can be accessed by all kinds of images.
As a photo of the profiles are not accepted closeups of genitals and focus on genitals.
All pictures are manually approved before they become available to other users.

11. Respect international laws when publishing texts
Depictions of violence, or sex with children or animals is prohibited.

12. Sales activities, mailings, etc.
Profiles, advertisements, posts, or personal messages that invite prostitution is not acceptable.
You may not offer sales of products and services in Adult Netflirt.
You can not use the Web Flirt for mass mailings or general calls for members to respond to you by e-mail or regular mail outside Adult NetFlirt system.

13. Advertising of competing sites
It is not acceptable that members links to or promoting competitor sites.

14. Violation of the rules may result in exclusion or deletion
Members who do not respect the rules of Adult Netflirt can be suspended without prior notification. Any paid memberships are not refundable.
Support may without notice and grounds delete posts and discussion threads in Adult NetFlirt, ads in Adult NetFlirt and images and texts that are not kept within the bounds of Adult NetFlirt.
Posts in threads in the Adult Netflirt can be removed along with the thread though the post itself does not violate the rules.
By abuse of this service involving harassment and or are a nuisance to a third party will result in the review. IP - the address of the registered user will be handed over to the authorities.

15. Deletion
Adult Netflirt may at any time without notice to delete a user who does not follow these rules. Furthermore, a user can be deleted if:
When messages bounced due to email the user does not exist. - When the user has been logged at 730 days.
- When a user does not follow these rules. One is responsible to clear as when a user no longer wishes to use the service from Web Flirt anymore.

16. Complaints or feedback on the rules and enforcement
By enforcing the rules will support not comment on individual cases.
Do you have complaints or feedback on the rules or the enforcement of them, you are welcome to send e-mail to Support.

17. The rules and system messages can be changed
Support reserves the right to make changes in the rules. New updates will be notified.
Users that have not been logged in for 30 days will receive a notification.
This warning comes once a year. week until the user logs in again or is / deletes as a user. (Rules for deletion)

The system checks all user profiles and alert the users who have defects in their profile. The system checks this several times each week and thus send out messages for each anomaly is found.
AdultNetFlirt disclaims any responsibility for the messages or profiles that had to be cleared / disappear due to the fault of the user or from the suport side.


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